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As temperatures begin to dip into the thirties and forties, you may cringe as you notch your thermostat just a bit higher. If the cost of heating your home tends to skyrocket in the winter, you may want to consider adding insulation to your home now.
In order to begin the process of assessing the addition of insulation, it’s important to understand where your home already has insulation and how much insulation is in each area. Depending on the age of your home, you have a few options on obtaining this information.

  • If your home was recently built, you may be able to request this information from your builder.
  • Perform a general assessment of your home using areas where you can view and collect general information. For example, unfinished areas of your home such as attics, basements, and garages often allow you to see what insulation exists. You can also “see” into your exterior walls. You can do this by turning off the power to your electrical outlets, removing the outlet covers, and peering around the outlet box. You won’t necessarily be able to view a lot with this approach, but will be able to gain some general information on location and amount of insulation.
  • If you have an older home or would just rather not undertake the evaluation process yourself, it may be easiest to get a home energy audit.

One area to pay particular attention to in this whole process is your attic. You may have already come across this surprising statistic on our Detroit roofing and insulation website: “According to the National Society of Heating and Ventilation Engineers up to 44% of a home’s energy can be lost through poorly insulated walls and ceilings”
Remember whether you have questions on Birmingham roofing or Ann Arbor remodeling, Tittle Brothers is here to help you and your family! For more information on assessing your insulation needs, consider reviewing tips on the Energy.gov website.