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It’s easy to tell your roof is damaged when you spot a water leakage. However, what you see is only the result, not the cause. Two leaks could be due to two different issues.

Roof Damage

Tittle Brothers Construction shares the most common roof problems that result in leakage:

Clogged Gutters

Gutter clogging prevents rain and snowmelt from going safely to the ground. The water gets trapped, seeping into your fascia boards, roof deck, and other parts of your home.

It happens when you forget to clean your roofing system, especially your gutters and downspouts. Without a high-quality gutter protection system, like Leaf Relief, debris could quickly pile up and form blockages before you know it.

Valley Seal Failures

Valleys are the place where two roof planes meet, making them a favorite point of entry of water. Installers use leak barriers to cover them, but they’re only effective as long as they’re properly sealed. When the sealants begin to erode, your roof becomes more susceptible to water intrusion.

Cracked Flashing

Pieces of flashing are metal strips that waterproof vulnerable areas of your roofing system, especially the penetrations, such as chimneys and pipes. Installers fasten them, but their sealants deteriorate over time. In the event of seal failure or cracked flashing, leaks would ensue.

Poor Ventilation

Improper attic ventilation speeds up your roof’s wear and tear. Without regulating the air flow properly, your attic could get really hot and fry your shingles from the inside. The trapped moist air could condense on the wooden deck, weakening it slowly but surely.

Serving as your roofing system’s foundation, compromised decking could cause more than just leaks. It could lead to localized drooping, which you must deal with a sense of urgency.

Broken Shingles

As your first line of defense, compromised asphalt shingles would weaken your roof. Shingle failures come in many forms; each caused by a unique phenomenon.

Age makes shingles more vulnerable to blow-offs, bad attic ventilation instigates cupping or curling, hail impact leaves dented or bald, and ultraviolet radiation accelerates cracking. Whatever the cause, broken shingles can lead to cosmetic imperfections, structural problems, or both.

All roof problems need immediate fixes. But to avoid costly repairs, you should have a routine maintenance plan to identify them as early as possible and mend them accordingly. To schedule your free, in-home estimate in Detroit, MI, and have your roof professionally evaluated, call Tittle Brothers Construction today at (248) 587-7633.