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Windows help promote livability in your home, which is why you have to give them special attention. However, bad weather and the passage of time can degrade their quality. Here are common signs that indicate the need for window replacement:




Your Double-Hung Window Is Difficult To Use


Extreme temperature can cause wood windows to warp and vinyl windows to contract, making them hard to open or close. Although some of these windows have mechanisms that help improve their function, they are not always reliable. Fortunately, we offer high-quality windows that are easy to use and have a tilt-in function for added convenience. They are also durable and use superior materials to ensure lasting performance.


Condensation Between Glass Panes


Moisture that condenses between your glass panes causes them to look blurry. This can be attributed to either faulty installation or worn out seals on your window glass. We understand the problem that moisture can cause you, and that is why our professionals undergo strict training to ensure perfect installation of your replacement windows in Birmingham. You can be sure that hiring us leads to outstanding results for your peace of mind.


Drafty Windows


Old windows tend to have insulation leaks and so fail to do their part in regulating the temperature in your home. This creates discomfort for all occupants and can ruin your investment. The best way to prevent this is to replace them with energy-efficient Birmingham windows. Fortunately, our products use materials that have superior insulating properties. They help keep your home comfortable by managing the transfer of heat into your home. This also keeps you from using your cooling system often, which leads to more energy savings.


If your windows have been showing these signs then you clearly need to have them replaced. When you turn to Tittle Brothers Construction for new windows, you can be sure it’ll be  a positive experience from start to finish. For window replacement concerns, call us today at (313) 382-6186.