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Finding ways to cool down when it’s hotter outside can be a bit stressful. Sure, you can always crank up your air-conditioning, but this can translate to higher energy bills. Your current windows, which are most likely worn because of constant exposure to the elements, may not be helping solve the problem. They could have damaged sealing, letting undesirable heat inside while letting cooled air inside escape. A better, more cost-effective way to combat the heat is by getting durable and energy-efficient replacement windows.


How Windows Contribute to Your Home’s Cooling Needs


With the right materials, proper installation, and regular maintenance, your windows can help keep your home cooler and more comfortable. Here’s how:


  • Window glazing is very helpful during warmer days. The sun’s harmful UV rays can easily pass through single-glazed windows, making your home hotter than it ought to be. Thicker windows like double- or triple-glazed windows offer better protection for you, your home, and your furniture. Tittle Brothers offers double- and triple-pane windows that come with insulating framing and weather stripping that can help reduce heat transfer considerably.
  • Opening windows from the inside allows more air to enter your home. Casement and double-hung windows are the window styles many homeowners choose when they’re looking for windows that they can open from the inside. The sash of a casement window is hinged on the frame side, so the unit can be swung out right or left. The top and bottom sashes of double-hung windows can both be opened. Tittle Brothers offers quality casement and double-hung replacement windows in Birmingham that are sure to help keep indoor temperatures cool and comfy.
  • Windows with airtight sealing can help make your home cooler and more energy-efficient. Properly sealed windows will keep the cool air from your air-conditioning inside your house, which is very much essential when it’s scorching out. An added bonus is that this can also help cut down your energy bills as your cooling system won’t be using too much energy.


Get Replacement Windows from Tittle Brothers


With inefficient and poorly insulated windows, you will not only lose at least 30% of the energy inside your home but also experience an uncomfortable rise in temperatures indoors. The best way to avoid further energy loss, rising electric bills, and unwanted heat indoors is to get your old windows replaced with durable and more energy-efficient replacement units.


Tittle Brothers Construction offers only the most reliable and top-quality windows from leading manufacturers in the window industry, including Pella, Polaris, Simonton, and Renewal by Andersen®. These windows come with excellent thermal efficiency properties to help lessen heat transfer, lower your energy costs, and keep your interiors cool. To learn more about quality windows in Birmingham, call us or visit our website today.