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If a sweater, a warm hat, and an upgraded snow blower are the only items in your winter preparation checklist, you might need to reconsider things. While they can definitely make you feel comfortable throughout the winter months, you also need to double your home’s protection. Winter in Michigan can be harsh, and without suitable home preparation, excessive snow and ice might lead to costly damage.

4 Upgrade Projects

Before winter arrives, it’s always best to consult your trusted home improvement company to know the right projects to tackle. Tittle Brothers Construction, the leading Canton roofing contractor, shares four home components you need to repair or replace in preparation for winter:

1. Siding – As it covers a huge part of your exterior, your siding takes the brunt of intense storms and snowfall. They are often the most vulnerable exterior components, that’s why keeping them in top shape should always be a priority. If you notice holes and cracks on its surface, be sure to call an expert contractor right away to repair and seal them. Not only do these issues allow moisture to penetrate your interior; they also let energy to escape from your home.

2. Roof – The roof is your primary defense against the elements, making it also susceptible to damage and deterioration. To ensure a reliable Canton roofing system this winter, schedule a roof inspection before the cold months set in. Expert roofers like Tittle Brothers Construction can evaluate your roof and make repairs efficiently. If we find major issues on your system, we’ll recommend a complete replacement using quality shingles from GAF®.

3. Windows – Drafts and sleet can pass through an old window. Installing new units from Tittle Brothers Construction can make your home more protected, weather-resistant, and energy-efficient.

4. Insulation – Reduce your energy costs this winter by investing in top-quality insulation. A poorly insulated attic can affect the temperature of your home, urging you to maximize the use of your heating systems. With the right insulation, you can prevent heat from leaking through your walls and attic, keeping your family comfortable and your energy bills low.

Tittle Brothers Construction offers outstanding home improvement products, including windows, siding, insulation, and roofing in Canton. On top of these, we also provide masonry services, overhang construction, sunrooms, decks and patios, and bathroom and kitchen remodeling.

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