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As far as track records go, few can match slate when it comes longevity and curb appeal. We’re pretty confident to bet that you can probably find slate roofing in the oldest homes from the Thirteen Colonies that are still holding up well over time. One of the biggest reasons for this is because slate has a very low water absorption index—less than 0.4%–essentially waterproofing it. Plus, you have to admit, it looks great.
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So how can you make what’s already great Detroit roofing even better?
Traditional roofing meets modern technology
Now, the downside that came with original slate shingles was that they tended to be heavy and very expensive. To compound matters, you only ever really see half of the slate shingle because of how they are installed traditionally. An alternative can be plastic imitations but—seriously—no. That’s not a way to go.
Here at Tittle Brothers Construction, we opted for GAF’s TruSlate™ Roofing System. It’s still slate through and through. What’s different is that the often obscured part of the slate shingle, we replaced with a high-tech waterproofing material. This allows the tile above it to lie flush with the one underneath. This makes installation easy and lowers the price.
What’s in the system?
So what goes into making this a system worth investing in? As the name might imply, there are many components that come part and parcel of GAF TruSlate Roofing System. This includes:

  • Ridge Vent: This serves as attic ventilation—removing excess heat and moisture that can cause your energy bills to jump up a few notches. That’s never a good thing.
  • Trim Slate: Specially designed to fit the hip and ridge areas of your roof to a tee—lessening the areas of the roof vulnerable to the elements.
  • UV & Moisture Barrier: This is an extra layer installed underneath the shingles that is specifically designed to keep harmful UV rays out. On top of that, it also keeps things dry under the roof.
  • TruGrip™ Battens & Hangers: Lock each slate in place securely to prevent blow-offs and drops as you used to see in old-timey cartoons.

And these are just the five most relevant benefits that you get when you go for the whole system.
Here at Tittle Brothers Construction, we specialize in gutters, siding, and roofing in Detroit. With many years of experience and a GAF Master Elite certification under our belt, you can count on a job well done as well as a truly satisfying customer experience. Give us a call today and we’ll be happy to start you off with a free estimate on whatever you may need.