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Post-it-note-GREGClinton Township Man’s Search for Neighborly Help Ends with Downriver Construction Company

By G.C. Good II
Detroit Live Magazine

December.  The most wonderful time of the year.  Time to rejoice in family, time to love and help thy neighbor.  Unfortunately, with the current economic state that Michigan is suffering, charitable actions are put by the wayside.  Most families are struggling just to light a tree, let alone lend a hand to others in need.  Yet, a Clinton Township resident reached out to a local construction company to help a fellow neighbor.
Noticing a gaping hole in his neighbor Lisa Kultz’s roof, Clinton Township resident and Air Force veteran George Piercel felt the need to take action.  “I’ve known this family for years.  Lisa’s father, a naval veteran passed on and left the house to his wife.  With the help of the military, she was able to purchase the home.  After her death seven years ago, daughter Lisa took over the home.” said Piercel.
Along with the home payment, Lisa is responsible for the care of two mentally impaired brothers.  While working two jobs, trying to make ends meet, the home steadily progressed into disrepair.
“I couldn’t bear it,” said Piercel.  “I went for a visit and a steady stream of water was leaking into the kitchen.  “I went home, pulled out the yellow pages and started calling construction companies, to see if anyone would help.” he said.
After calling multiple numbers to no avail, Piercel was about to give up.  Lying in bed a few nights later, Piercel watched a commercial from Tittle Brother’s Construction, a downriver construction company.
“I called the number on the screen later that morning,” Piercel said.  “After a brief explanation about the circumstance that Lisa faced, was transferred to field agent Pete Theofanopoulos”.  he said. “There wasn’t a minute’s hesitation, it was if the expected my call.”
“As soon as I took George’s call, I knew we had to help out. Every year, Tittle Brother’s Construction does pro bono work for a family in need during the Christmas holiday.  George saved us the time of choosing a family to help.” said Theofanopoulos.  “
“After a quick inspection and assessment, we decided to do a full make over.  We’re going to redo the roof and decking, clean up soffit and trim, reinstall new gutters and down spouts on the house as well as the garage.” said Theofanopoulos.
‘We have to take care of each other, and stick behind our community.  Tittle Brother’s was built from the ground up this way.  If we can lend a hand and make a difference, then we’ve accomplished what we set out to do” said Theofanopoulos.
From a neighbor’s phone call, to a company willing to give back, the joy of the season still shines through…that is the spirit of Detroit.

Updates & images from the project can be found on
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