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Large windows are often used in the living room since it usually has the lion’s share of interior real estate. However, oversized glass units are perfect in bedrooms as well. Here are the best reasons to equip your bedrooms with large windows:
Framing the Best View

Since the outdoor view gets better the higher you go, take the opportunity to capture wonderful panoramas. If you live in an urban area, big windows cast the beauty of your surroundings in a fresh light. Sweeping views help create the perfect ambiance, making your space look cheery in the morning and romantic at night.
In bedrooms that lack a focal point, oversized windows would lend them many. They introduce nature into the interior, adding life to your otherwise dull design. Units with expansive glass extend the gaze as well, making your bedrooms feel more spacious.
Meeting the Fire Egress Code
Old windows often don’t have the size to meet current egress requirements, especially in bedrooms. Installing large, operating units is an elegant solution to bring your home up to code.
Enjoying Abundant Ventilation
Bedrooms may need less ventilation than the kitchen and the bathroom, but they nonetheless can use fresh drafts for healthy indoor air. Apart from installing a bay or a bow, combining towering picture windows with regular-sized casement or sliding units helps expel excessive humidity too.
Maximizing Passive Solar Heating
Large glass units catch a generous amount of sun, which helps lower your energy costs during winter. Passive solar heating reduces the need to use the furnace and allows it to work more efficiently. During summer, opening your windows to allow the cold breezes prevent your bedrooms from overheating.
As the authority in window repair and replacement, let Tittle Brothers Construction help you plan your project on a room-by-room basis. We’ll study your situation, capture your vision, and keep your functional needs in mind to offer sound design recommendations. We’re the trusted representative of leading brands, including Marvin, Renewal by Andersen®, and Pella, offering you an impressive product selection our competition can’t rival.To schedule your free, in-home estimate in Ann Arbor, MI, or nearby areas, call us today at (734) 225-2525.