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Financing avalible

Your roof is bound to sustain significant damage from age and harsh weather conditions over time. If your system is already experiencing severe issues, the best long-term solution is to invest in a new roofing in Troy, MI. Roof replacement, however, requires careful planning. For instance, you’ll need to prepare your budget beforehand to avoid problems while the project is on-going.

Preparing a Roofing Budget

Tittle Brothers Construction, your trusted home improvement contractor in the region, shares four things to ask yourself to prepare your budget more effectively:

  • Where should I start? – The first step is to outline your estimated roofing costs. You need to consider many factors when determining your budget for your roofing. These include the reparation of damage, your preferred roofing material, the estimated project completion, and the size of your home. Complete roof replacement will require the tools and expertise of professional roofers, such as Tittle Brothers Construction.
  • Which material is ideal for my home? – Your choice of Troy roofing material definitely affects your budget, as each option has its own short and long-term costs. They also play a key role in achieving the look you desire for your home. Other components, such as additional accessories, paint color, and the need for shingle disposal services, need to be considered as well for a more comprehensive plan.
  • What if an unexpected issue comes up? – When going for a roof replacement, it’s crucial that your prepare to deal without potential hiccups. For instance, you might realize that your system needs better insulation or additional roof vents mid-project. To deal with unexpected issues, prepare about 20% of your budget for contingencies.
  • Whom should I turn to for financial recommendations? – You can consult expert roofing contractors in Troy, MI, such as Tittle Brothers Construction, for all your local roofing needs. We can work with you to make sure you get the best value for your money. You can contact us for a FREE estimate, but before signing the contract, be sure to understand all its aspects to avoid any drawbacks.

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