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Although no remodeling project will go perfectly, there are several steps you can take in preparing for the remodel which may help limit the number of last minute crises.
Just jumping into the project without thinking about how your family will carry out their daily needs, especially in the case of a kitchen remodel, is sure to guarantee some struggles and unhappy days during the remodel.
However, in addition to creating contingencies for how you and your family are going to carry out day to day needs during the remodel, the following four steps can help you get organized and prepared.

  • Whether you enjoy binders or file folders, select a method to maintain all your vendor information, material orders, sketches, timelines, contract, etc… in one location.  Remodels can create a state of chaos, so being organized with these materials can help you address issues and make quick decisions when needed.
  • Get samples of your paint, tile, fabric, etc…. Having samples of each of your selections available at your fingertips will also allow you to make decisions more quickly.
  • Decide ahead of time where materials for the remodel can be stored. This step alone is helpful in maintaining a sense of order while changes are being made to your home.
  • Have a discussion prior to the start of the remodel on the various ways in which the space may be used in the future. Doing this can help ensure you don’t need to make changes part way through a remodel to accommodate an item you should have planned for prior to starting the remodel.

Ultimately, a bit of time, forethought, and preparation can go a long way in taking the stress and struggle out of your Ann Arbor remodeling project!