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As the seasons come and go, the weather isn’t the only thing that changes but our daily activities also. That goes for the environment, as well as plants and animals.
Plants once again began to grow in spring. Flowers in particular, bloom next, during the warmer months of summer. And when they bloom, allergies are soon to follow.

According to this report from www.newsnet5.com:

The cold, winter weather has finally left Northeast Ohio. Allergy sufferers have had it easy. March and April usually signal the start of pollen season. But, not this year.
“The allergy season usually starts as early as mid-March. This year it was more like May,” said Kent Knauer M.D.
Once the tree pollen season ends, it’s not too long before the grass pollen season begins. This year won’t provide much of a break between the two. They’re going to overlap each other.
How pollen makes it’s way into the air is very much dependent on the weather. Warm, humid and breezy conditions help disperse pollen into the air.

If your home is close to a park or a forest, then it’s just takes a minute for pollen grains to travel through the air in to your doors, windows and even your roof.
That’s right, even your roof. Especially if you haven’t conducted an inspection for damage brought about by the varying temperatures and weather patterns between seasons. Holes or missing shingles are possible entry points of unwanted particles into your home that can cause health problems.
It is a fact that there’s a lot of greenery here in Canton that can cause hay fever. However, with the expensive cost of healthcare nowadays, wouldn’t the wiser choice be to prevent your allergies from acting up? This is where Canton roofing contractors like Tittle Brothers Construction can help.
As the summer months are going to continue, we at Tittle Brothers Construction can help you with your roofing concerns. We are ready to leap into action to help repair and restore your roof in the event of external damage or worn down by time.
Prevent further damage to your roof and help keep your home pollen-free with Canton roofing repair from Tittle Brothers Construction.
(Article Excerpt from Allergy season arrives late this year, www.newsnet5.com)