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Fall is the perfect time to perform an external inspection of your home. Because this inspection requires accessing hard to reach areas, such as your roof, it’s important to undertake this step prior to the rain, snow, and ice which often arrives in late fall. Although this inspection isn’t something homeowners necessarily relish, it can save inconvenience and more costly repairs later if an issue is identified during this inspection. The key areas it should include are:
Ensure your gutters are free of leaves, pine needles, and other debris. The removal of these materials allows your gutters to do their job and allow water to flow freely. If you do not want to regularly check your gutters for debris, you may wish to install “gutter guards” which prevent debris from getting into them in the first place.
It’s key to look for damaged or loose shingles. Also, pay special attention around areas where your roof meets the siding or chimney; these can be common areas for problems to develop which often require professional attention.  If you’d prefer not to do this inspection yourself, you can call us, we’re the Ann Arbor roofing professionals. You’ll have the peace of mind that your roof has been seen by a specialist and can withstand harsh winter weather.
Walk around the exterior of your home and assess the condition of the siding. Do you notice cracking or loose material? If so, these are items to be addressed before winter conditions lead to further deterioration.
Stairs and Railings
A loose railing is a nuisance in the summer, but a downright hazard in the winter. Make sure your entrances and surfaces you may grab onto in slippery conditions are in good shape.
This fall maintenance check can often be done in an afternoon and help you remain cognizant of developing issues with your home which may require attention.
For more information on roof maintenance, check out our informative article on this topic.
Remember, proper maintenance of your roof is important, but you don’t have to take care of this chore all alone, call your Ann Arbor and Birmingham roofing expert, Tittle Brothers.