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Despite the fairer weather during summer, this season isn’t the time to stay relaxed when it comes to your home maintenance concerns. Each time we move into a new season, it is recommended that you take a moment to inspect every nook and cranny of your home for any damage.
Your roof takes a lot of abuse due to exposure from various weather conditions constantly. However, it is not invincible hence the need to be refurbished every few months.
This article from American Home Shield stresses the importance of roof maintenance during the summer:

A roof is the same way. Everyday exposure to sun, rain, air conditioning repair people, and other wear and tear slowly ages the roof membrane until the service life ends. Every extra year one can eke out of the roof is that much more money that can be saved for other purposes.
A roof doesn’t need good food or proper exercise. But a roof does need regular check-ups in the form of regular inspections and prompt repairs.

The summer time in Birmingham might cause an array of problems for your roof such as the following:

  1. The intense heat of the sun can cause shingles to crack and decay.
  2. The branches of trees that hang above your home can scrape the roof during a storm.
  3. The animal activity increases during summer; insects, bats and birds most especially. These animals may tunnel or create nests on the roof.
  4. The extreme heat can build up in the attic causing high temperatures because of improper ventilation

These common problems that the summer season may cause can easily be remedied if acted upon quickly.
Fortunately, Birmingham roofing contractors like Tittle Brothers can help deal with the problems cited. We offer free in-home estimates at phone call’s notice so that we can assess the damage of your roof. This is the best first step that a homeowner can take to prevent further damage to his/her roof.
You don’t have to complicate roofing in Birmingham MI by attempting to do maintenance by yourself. Let Tittle Brothers Construction make life simpler for you and your roof. Call us today for your free assessment!
(Article Excerpt from Regular Roofing Maintenance: When to Inspect the Roof, www.facilitiesnet.com)