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Spring has arrived in Michigan, but it has brought weather conditions that residents may not be exactly happy about. A recent major storm swept through Ann Arbor on May 13, 2014, which has resulted in considerable damage to properties – not to mention high repair costs. As quoted in an article published by WXYZ Detroit on the same date:

People who live along Dexter near Huron in Ann Arbor say it sounded big and it was. A severe storm thundered down their street causing big trees to topple into the roofs of two story homes and take down power lines.

Such an event should therefore alert property owners to the possibility of future recurrences. To manage this, their homes and commercial buildings must be equipped with the durability and strength necessary from the harsh elements. Roofing, siding, and other exterior home parts, in particular, have to be fortified – as they take on much of the impact from various weather patterns.

A trusted professional contractor that provides top-notch solutions for a wide suite of home improvement solutions such as masonry, window replacement, and roofing in Ann Arbor will be of big help. Tittle Brothers Construction is one such contractor.

Since 2004, the company has been heavily involved in remodeling local properties to boost their aesthetics, while prepping them for high-velocity winds and heavy rains. They utilize products recognized in the industry for delivering workmanship that protects homes and commercial buildings from the worse of the weather, and thereby protecting their residents.

On top of the functionality offered by the company, property owners are also assured of gaining optimal cost advantages from the services they will commission. As a factory-certified GAF Master Elite contractor, this Ann Arbor roofing team delivers excellent warranty programs.

(Article sourced from Storm, falling trees damage several homes in Ann Arbor, WXYZ Detroit, May 13, 2014)