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According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, about half of homes and infrastructures built before 1978 have lead-based paint on them. So the older the home, the bigger the chances of finding lead-based paint there. Nine out of 10 homes built before 1940 have lead-based paint, while between 1940 and 1960, it became two out of three homes.

Even if older homes are more likely to contain lead-based paint, lead can enter your home from a variety of other sources and locations. During renovation, repair, or painting jobs, houses that have lead-based paint create dangerous amounts of lead dust. So for your home improvement plans, be sure to hire lead-safe certified contractors like us here at Tittle Brothers Construction. We provide various services for your roofing in Detroit that are free from harmful substances like lead.

Unveiling Potential Lead Sources
Aside from its presence in older homes and buildings, lead can also be found in the following:

  • soil in playgrounds and yards
  • dust
  • places of work and recreation
  • a variety of products
  • drinking water
  • folk remedies

Lead paint sometimes hides under layers of newer paint. If your house paint is in good condition, then you don’t need to worry. But if you see cracking, peeling, or chipping parts, the paint can be hazardous, especially to children.

Lead dust that comes from deteriorating lead paint can be poisonous to kids. Lead poisoning brings about a number of health and behavioral issues as well as learning issues. Its effects last a lifetime, which is all the more reason to be careful in purchasing children’s toys and other home essentials.

Making Your Home Lead-Safe
Make it a habit to check your home or have it tested for lead. Get in touch with experts for paint inspections or risk assessments. As a homeowner, you can keep your home free from lead by basically keeping it clean.

Here are some ways how:

  • Wipe down any flat surfaces like your stairway and windowsills. Use a damp paper towel that you can dispose of properly.
  • Mop the floors regularly to make sure any dust from the outdoors is removed.
  • Clean uncarpeted floors using a damp mop, a sponge, and an all-purpose cleanser.
  • Use standard vacuum cleaners for other surfaces. Make sure there’s no chipping or flaking paint.
  • Remove stains in your rugs and carpets through wet scrubbing or steam cleaning.
  • Hire lead-safe certified firms for any home improvement project to ensure your family’s protection.

Lead poisoning can be prevented, and yes, it’s possible to make your home free from this substance. Here at Tittle Brothers Construction, we offer more than just Detroit roofing jobs. Simply call us today at (877) 228-5658 to learn more about our lead-safe services.