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The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is where you prepare food for your loved ones. That is why it is important that you treat it with care and aim to improve it.


At Tittle Brothers Construction, we understand the value of a beautiful and fully functional kitchen. We are committed to providing excellent services by making sure you have a comfortable home with efficient utilities. In addition to window repair in Detroit, MI, we also provide:


  • Cabinets
  • Appliance Installation
  • Lighting
  • Sink and Plumbing

Our design experts will collaborate and work with you on how to optimize your kitchen space and accomplish your ideal setup. Rest assured that working with us results in the realization of your dream kitchen.


Here are some creative ways to improve your small kitchen space:


Open Shelving


Putting kitchenware on open shelves help keeps the kitchen looking clean and orderly. It also promotes space and ensures that kitchen essentials are accessible. We can build a high-quality convenient storage space for your utensils that only requires minimum upkeep. Rest assured that incorporating shelves in your kitchen will improve the area’s functionality.


Mirrored Backsplash


A strategically positioned mirror gives the illusion of spaciousness. It helps by visually expanding the walls as light bounces off it. We can help make your kitchen appear larger than it is by installing a mirrored backsplash. This will help make sure that cooking will become a more relaxing activity.


Better Illumination


In addition to installing Detroit replacement windows, another way to improve your cooking experience in your kitchen is through lighting. Good lighting contributes to making your kitchen area feel more spacious. We can install wall-mounted fixtures that provide adequate lighting, drawing attention to the design on your wall. We can also illuminate your countertop by installing light sources underneath it and put emphasis on suspended cabinets or storage areas.


Tittle Brother Construction specializes in a variety of home improvement services. When it comes to kitchen remodeling, you can expect excellent workmanship and services from us. For more information on our remodeling services, call us today.