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While the idea of repairing your own window might sound practical, you’re actually better off hiring a professional window company to do it for you. At Tittle Brothers Construction, we specialize in providing our clients with efficient window solutions.

Window Repair Needs to Experts

Here’s why you should let us fix your windows for you.

To Ensure Energy Efficiency

Attempting to repair broken windows without the necessary training and experience can do more harm than good to your home. For instance, you may end up using inefficient seals when trying to replace worn-out ones. You may also end up leaving small gaps as you reinstall your windows, allowing drafts to enter your home through those areas. By contrast, professionals like us know what materials to use and what problems to look for. We’ll make sure your windows are properly installed and airtight by the end of the project.

To Ensure Optimal Function

Repairing broken window mechanisms requires precise hand-eye coordination, which true window experts have. Our expert window repair services include repairing or replacing any broken frame, sash, or balance mechanisms. We can also repair or replace any broken locks and latches to ensure the safety of your home.

To Avoid the Hassles That Come With Window Repair Jobs

Fixing windows can be tiring and time-consuming, taking your energy away from more pressing matters. That’s why it’s best to simply leave it to the professionals. We are trained to repair many window styles, enabling us to implement swift and efficient methods to restore your windows’ beauty and function. This will save you not just from the stress that comes with window repair, but also from excessive labor costs.

Experts Can Offer Better Alternatives

Sometimes, you’ll find that your windows are beyond repair and will need a replacement. By hiring us instead, we can provide you with quality replacement windows that will meet your needs. We offer windows from major manufacturers like Renewal by Andersen®. They come with insulating components that will help keep your home cool for more energy savings, as well as high-quality mechanisms for lasting and efficient function. Lastly, they’re backed by one of the strongest warranties in the industry for your peace of mind.

Count on Tittle Brothers Construction to restore your windows for lasting performance. We serve  Detroit, MI, and other areas in Michigan. Call us today at (877) 228-5658 for a FREE estimate.