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As your windows age, they begin to show signs of deterioration. Leaks, holes, and cracks are some of the signs that tell your windows need immediate attention. If things start to get rough, you might want to decide whether to repair your windows or replace them altogether.

Window Replacement

While repairs offer a quicker and more economical fix, they are only a short-term answer to your problems. Most repair jobs only result in more maintenance, leading to more costly repairs. Getting replacement windows in Birmingham is always your best solution for leak and draft problems. Tittle Brothers Construction discusses some of their most important advantages:

1. New windows help boost energy savings – One of the reasons you’re dealing with high electric bills every month is energy loss. You can account this energy loss to your old, drafty windows. They easily allow heat to escape from your home while letting unwanted cold leak inside. As a result, you use your utility systems more to keep your interior comfortable. With our replacement windows in Birmingham, you can minimize energy loss because they have insulated double- or triple-pane glass. These advanced glass packages come with insulated frame and weatherstripping, helping reduce heat transfer.

2. New windows improve your protection against water damage – Improper sealing around your old windows causes water damage. Water can leak easily into your walls, causing more serious and more expensive problems. By replacing your old windows instead of repairing, you can ensure a stronger protection against these problems.

3. New windows add aesthetic value – They are more than just practical and smart investments for your home. They also boost its curb appeal and resale value. For instance, our Birmingham windows come with frames that are available in a wide range of colors and finishes. Whether you have a traditional home, modern home, or anything else in between, you’re sure to find one that can match your design.

Simply put, window repairs are a fast fix, but they are merely a temporary solution to the issues. Replacing your windows offers a permanent fix, helping you save time and money on maintenance over time. As the leading home improvement company in the region, Tittle Brothers Construction can help you choose the right windows for your home. We can also install them for you to ensure maximum performance. Call us at (877) 228-5658 today to schedule a FREE consultation. We’ll be ready to address your concerns.