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The roofing systems that live the shortest are the neglected ones. Apart from roof health, upkeep also matters when it comes to curb appeal (and many more).

Be it for residential or commercial settings, regular professional roof inspection is important. Tittle Brothers Construction explains why:

Staying a Step Ahead of Major Problems

Getting your roofing system professionally evaluated during spring and fall is key to identifying problems before the roughest seasons of the year. Routine inspection allows timely repairs to happen, readying your property for the brutal winter cold and intense summer heat. Even without signs of severe damage, a thorough inspection might reveal that replacement is necessary when age is a factor.

Putting Your Property’s Best Face Forward

Roof issues could impact your property structurally and aesthetically. Deformed and missing shingles would make your roof unsightly from the street. Leaks could leave unattractive water stains on exterior walls. Sagging roof areas wouldn’t just make your property unsafe to live in but also unappealing to look at.
By tending your roofing system regularly, you can remedy any cosmetic liability fast. Clean any trace of moss growth before they give your roof a makeover for the worse.

Delaying the Need for Replacement

Let’s face it: a new roof is a major purchase, and you want to avoid it for as long as possible. Proper maintenance helps keep roofs stay serviceable for a long time. Neglect is the number one reason many roofing systems fail prematurely. Major problems usually start small and hidden. Without discovering minor or obscure issues early, they would wreak havoc with your property slowly but surely.

Keeping Your Warranty Valid

If you think your roofing warranty would bail you out whenever there’s a problem no matter what, you’re wrong. Most guarantees require proper maintenance or they would lose their validity. If you don’t do your share in keeping your roof in good shape, you might have to pay for future repairs.

Entrust your asphalt shingle roof maintenance needs in Birmingham, MI, to Tittle Brothers Construction. We are fully licensed by the state and carry adequate liability insurance and worker’s compensation coverage, providing you peace of mind. Call us today at (734) 225-2525 to schedule your free estimate at your convenience.