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A new roof is a major expense, so it’s imperative to assess your current one’s condition first before making a purchase. For the first part of this special blog, Tittle Brothers Construction talks about the biggest red flags that signal the need for re-roofing:

Loose Granules

New asphalt shingle roofs shed excessive granules. However, it’s a cause for concern when they start to go bald after 15 years. The granules don’t only serve an aesthetic purchase, but they protect the asphalt against the sun. Without them, constant exposure to ultraviolet rays would make your roofing system’s shingles brittle, rendering them more susceptible to the elements.

If you notice granules washing out of the downspouts, it could mean that your shingles are halfway through their service life.

Deformed Shingles

Cracking, curling, and cupping are the kinds of shingle deformation you shouldn’t take for granted. The culprit could be age, but poor ventilation is also the likely suspect. Sooner or later, these worn-out shingles would start falling off one after another. Immediate repairs are necessary, but addressing the root cause is paramount as well. Considering the amount of work needed to restore the roof’s beauty and structural integrity, replacement is sometimes better than quick fixes.

Missing Shingles

Lacking just a single shingle could spell the beginning of the end of your roofing system. The exposed portion becomes a soft underbelly, making your entire roof easily vulnerable to water infiltration. Replacing a few missing shingles is the neat solution, but think twice about simply patching up when your roof already looks like a giant checkerboard. When half or a third of your roof’s surface is “naked”, then you might be better off replacing the entire thing. Since it’s hard to match the color of the current ones, the combination of new and old shingles could be incongruous.


There’s no reason to explain why the sight of a drooping roof is alarming. In many cases, it’s an issue of broken decking in the attic. Whether the depression is localized or not, call in an experienced roofing contractor right away.

As a proud Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor, Tittle Brothers Construction can thoroughly inspect your roof and diagnose all existing problems. Our A rating with the Better Business Bureau tells you that you can rely on us for honest evaluation and sound recommendations.

Stay tuned for the second part of our special blog about roof maintenance. For your free, in-home estimate in Ann Arbor, MI, call (734) 225-2525 today.