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At Tittle Brothers Construction, we can’t overemphasize the value of routine roof maintenance. Without regular inspections, your roofing system only creates a false sense of protection against the elements. After all, your roof is no different from your body that needs care to stay healthy.
For the second part of our special blog, we want to highlight the many benefits of having a well-maintained roofing system:
Uncompromised Comfort

Your roof is part of a complex thermal enclosure system that makes your home airtight. It serves as a weatherproof envelope that helps keep your attic insulation effective in sealing the gaps indoor air uses to escape. “Cool” roofing shingles reflect more infrared rays from the sun and emit the little heat they absorb back to the sky. In turn, you can lower your cooling costs during the hottest months.
Impressive Curb Appeal
Getting your roofing system professionally inspected on a regular basis allows timely repairs. Fixing whatever is wrong with your roof early is key to preserve the beauty of your home. Since a damaged roof could affect the look of your overall home exterior, proper roof maintenance helps keep your siding and landscaping appealing.
Healthy Space
A leaky roof sets the stage for mold growth. Even if the molds only multiply in one area, they could easily spread through the air. Furthermore, holes in your roof serve as an entry point for bugs and other unwanted guests.
Green Pocketbook
Roof maintenance might cost you money, but it actually prevents bigger home expenses. Not caring for your roofing system may void your warranty, losing your safeguard against material defects or workmanship errors. If ever you need to file an insurance claim down the road, neglecting your roof may weaken your case for compensation.
Regular inspections are a non-negotiable requirement to keep your roof in good repair. With Tittle Brothers Construction, you can rest assured that your roofing system would reach the end of its expected service life.
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