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If you want to brighten up a room in your home without using electricity, there are two exciting options: skylights and sun tunnels. Both are designed to allow natural light from the sun to permeate a room. The natural light streaming overhead also adds charm, allowing you to enhance the feel of your living room, kitchen or another space.
Aside from their illuminating capacity and their aesthetic value, both options can also provide warmth at no cost. This is because they do not require electricity or another outside energy source, which can be beneficial to both your budget and the environment.
So which should you choose, skylights or sun tunnels? Here’s more about the major differences between skylights and sun tunnels.
A traditional skylight is a window mounted on the roof that allows for natural light and warmth from the sun to enter your home. A sun tunnel, on the other hand, carries sunlight into your home through a tubular shaft. Because of its shape, sun tunnels can be used for daylighting smaller spaces in hard-to-reach areas, unlike the traditional skylight, which occupies larger spaces.
The biggest concern with skylights and sun tunnels is the possibility of leaks if they’re not properly installed. For projects like these, count on Tittle Brothers Construction, the most experienced roofing contractors in Troy, MI. Tittle Brothers is the most reliable contractor for roofing in Troy, MI, and the surrounding areas for a reason. We have helped thousands of our neighbors with their home improvement needs since our founding in 2004. Further, we are committed to providing nothing less than the best services. So if you’re looking into getting a skylight or a sun tunnel properly installed, contact us today at (877) 228-5658.