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Last week, we explored spring home maintenance you should perform on your home’s interior. This week, we’d like to explore what you should consider doing on the outside of your home. Specifically, the following six steps can help you locate potential issues and ensure your home is ready for spring and summer weather.

  • Clean, inspect, and perform routine maintenance on your air conditioning unit. Often the easiest and best way to get this step taken care of is to hire a technician. This individual will clean your unit’s coils, check / replace the filter, and perform additional system checks as needed.
  • Inspect your roof. Your roof is essential to the integrity of your home. Therefore, it’s important to make sure the shingles appear to be in good shape with no curling, cracks, buckling, missing pieces, etc… If you do find any issues with your Detroit roofing, consult a professional right away to ensure the damage does not progress with our spring rains.
  • Clean your gutters. While removing debris, take the opportunity to ensure the gutters aren’t sagging or damaged.
  • Clean around and inspect your foundation. In order to protect your foundation, take time to clear away debris and as necessary, add fill dirt. Note any areas of cracking.
  • Examine your walkways. If the hard winter weather has taken a toll on your home’s walkway (and driveway) plan to patch it as soon as the temperature extremes associated with winter abate.
  • Inspect your trees. Spring storms can wreak havoc with winter damaged trees; therefore, take some time to assess the situation and perform needed maintenance.

By taking the time to perform these steps, you can keep small issues from becoming larger and more costly with which to deal!