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Studies show that inefficient and poorly insulated windows can cause a home to lose up to 30% of its energy. We can fix this problem by installing energy-efficient replacement windows. Replacement of old, damaged windows is one of the best investments you can make to increase your home’s energy efficiency and comfort.


What makes our windows perform so well?

As the expert in windows and window repair in Ann Arbor, we understand the important role window glass plays in energy efficiency. All of our replacement window options feature a Low-E glass coating. This coating minimizes the amount of heat that transfers through the glass by reflecting long-wave infrared energy (or heat).

How do our windows save you money?

Efficient windows keep your home’s interior temperature more stable. Since it’s easier to keep your interior temperature consistent, your utility systems will consume less energy. This reduced energy consumption translates to savings on your energy bills. Our windows can also help reduce your energy costs by minimizing air leakage.

How do our windows make your home more comfortable?

A more stable interior temperature also translates to a more comfortable home. Our replacement windows in Ann Arbor are designed to minimize drafts. Without drafts, your rooms will feel cozier. Aside from a consistent and even temperature, our windows also provide abundant natural light. The low emissivity coating reflects heat but allows sunlight in.

We have partnered with several industry leaders to provide the best replacement windows today. You can choose from windows by Renewal by Andersen®, Simonton Windows, Polaris Windows and Pella Windows. All of our replacement windows have energy-efficient features thanks to quality materials and construction. Call us at (877) 228-5658 to learn more about our replacement windows or to request a free estimate.