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Ten years ago, the roofing industry made improved sustainability one of their key priorities. This sustainability movement shows no sign of stopping and is here to stay. Sustainability continues to be relevant to the marketplace, as homeowners place environmental friendliness as a top priority.

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A Growing Demand for Sustainability

As an experienced specialist in Detroit roofing, we have noticed that more building owners prefer sustainable products. A study from BCC Research projects that the marketplace for conventional energy retrofits on private and publicly owned commercial buildings to grow. From $85.1 billion last year, it is set to reach S132.3 billion by 2020 around the world. These retrofits include green roofs. In particular, the green roof market estimates that the value of the green-roof market could swell to $582 million.

Innovations in the Roofing Industry

As demand for green roofing in Detroit and the rest of the country grows, sustainable innovations will continue to drive the industry. For instance, there’s now a new generation of solvent-free bonding adhesives that are odorless. This met the need for low VOC adhesives that don’t smell. In addition, more and more contractors are educating themselves about sustainability and offering sustainable services.

Our Products and Services

As an industry leader, we’re proud to be part of this movement. We provide sustainable options for roofing in Detroit, MI, such as energy-efficient asphalt shingle and metal roofs. We can also provide commercial roofing materials that improve energy efficiency and are safe for the environment, like TPO. Fortunately, we also offer insulated siding, energy-efficient replacement windows, and insulation. We’re the one-stop-shop to improve your home’s energy efficiency.

Tittle Brothers Construction is proud to be among the growing number of roofing contractors offering sustainable products. The GAF asphalt shingles we provide are recyclable and have several eco-friendly qualities, like weight-optimization and minimized use of natural resources. Call us at (877) 228-5658 to learn more about sustainability in the roofing industry. You can also ask for a free in-home estimate.