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Varying window types come in different configurations, each with their own unique benefits. While it may be daunting to find the perfect window replacement for your home, it pays to learn the basics behind the most popular types and their features. Let Tittle Brothers Construction discuss the three most prominent window choices and their qualities:

Window Styles

Casement Windows

This window option provides an expansive glass area for an unobstructed view of the outdoors. It features a single hinge placed at the left or right, which allows the pane to swing outwards. It comes with a convenient hand crank for easy operation. Unlike the traditional design that has bulky frames, our replacement windows feature slender frames to maximize viewing area.

Our casement windows in Detroit are highly versatile, so you can fit them into any area of your home. They can complement both classic and modern home styles as long as the grille pattern blends with the existing design.

Double-Hung Windows

This window type is arguably the most popular choice among homeowners. They feature two individual sashes that slide up and down, which make them ideal for vertical window openings. They are also easy to clean and only require minimal maintenance.

The classic, charming look of double-hung windows makes them a great addition to traditional homes. That said, they are also a suitable option for contemporary homes, as we combine them with advanced materials.

Sliding Windows

These offer the clear and wide view of casement windows and the same operational concept of double-hung. The only difference is that they slide horizontally instead of up and down. We offer sliding Detroit replacement windows that provide ease of function, so you can focus better on their beauty.

With their simplistic design and panels that donโ€™t protrude, sliding windows are great space-savers. They best complement homes with modern decor or limited spaces. They also blend well with ranch and horizontal-styled homes.

Your windows can dramatically transform your living space in terms of comfort, efficiency, and aesthetics. The above styles are only three from our range of window solutions. They also come with extensive warranties, so you can count on us to take care of your window repair in Detroit, MI, in case of malfunction. To learn more about your options, call us at (877) 228-5658.