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It’s been said that your roof is your first line of defense against the elements. It’s rarely discussed exactly what those elements are. A better understanding will allow you to deal with the common troubles affecting your roof.

Tittle Brothers Construction discusses how you can keep your roofing in good condition.

Know Your Enemy

Well-made and properly installed Detroit roofing can withstand a lot of punishment. The most common factors that can affect your roofs performance are:

  • Sun: Due to constant exposure to the sun, your roof may deteriorate over time. The heat and the ultraviolet rays are two factors that have the most effect on your roofing. Some of these effects are warping, splitting, and decay.
  • Rain: Water can infiltrate spaces and cracks in your roofing material. When it does, it can cause the wooden house components to rot. Moisture can cause the formation of mildew in other places of a home. Although uncommon, heavy rainfall can also cause cracks and breaks, which will let in more water.
  • Wind: Along with the rain, the wind can be destructive to older and worn roofs, blowing away loose shingles and shakes. When it is particularly strong, the wind can peel off the layers of your roofing material, leaving it vulnerable to other problems and elements.


Know Your Defenses

The best way to deal with these problems on your roofing in Detroit is to make sure that they never get the chance to happen. Your roof should undergo regular inspections and maintenance. These allow us to spot the tiniest bit of trouble with your roof before it grows even bigger.

Once these three elements have started to affect your roof’s performance, you can rely on the services of Tittle Brothers Construction. We offer quality repair work to deal with any roofing situation. More than that, we provide quality replacements with some of the best brands in the industry, making sure that you and your family remain protected.

Always make maintenance a consistent habit—it will extend the service life of your roofing and help mitigate any damage before it grows larger. Respond quickly by hiring repair services when necessary. Lastly, if your roof is particularly old, consider getting a replacement. Call Tittle Brothers Construction today, and we’ll come over to give you a free inspection and estimate.