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Having proper attic ventilation is an essential aspect of roof care. Without it, your roof would not be able to “breathe” and it could turn into trap of excess moisture. Here is a look at the reasons proper ventilation is an important aspect of your home’s roofing system.

Proper Attic Ventilation

Better Energy Efficiency

Properly ventilated attic spaces can give you ample energy efficiency. Without it, your home’s air conditioning unit will strain just to counter the generated heat in the attic. This naturally leads to a significant spike in your energy consumption.

Reduced Condensation

Improper attic ventilation, as well as the total lack of it, can lead to condensation. This spells trouble for your roofing system, particularly during winter. The warm air inside your home can make its way up into your attic space and cause the excess moisture to wreak havoc on your home through general water damage.

Roof Damage Prevention

The temperature in attic spaces without ample ventilation during humid summer months can make your roof susceptible to damage. Heat, when combined with moisture, speeds up the deterioration of roofs and can even cause warping on shingle roofing systems.

Lack of ventilation leads to moisture and energy efficiency problems. Too much ventilation, on the other hand, can be just as bad. Prolong your roof’s longevity by boosting your attic’s ventilation. It will help prevent your attic space from turning into a veritable oven during the summer months, inhibiting the complications mentioned above.

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