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Pella®, professional makers of first-rate windows, recently launched two new product lines for its already noteworthy array. The first of these two is the Pella® Architect Series® Reserve™, which provides architects and builders throughout the industry with ample design flexibility.


Let Tittle Brothers Construction show you just what what makes this product line so special.

Sheer Authenticity

Sometimes, to create something worthwhile, you need to look back to the past. It was the company’s profound respect for traditional window-making that inspired its most historically authentic window and patio door line.

To achieve its level of authenticity, Pella took to history books, custom builders, and even historic preservation groups. This way, architects will get exactly what they want when they look for historically authentic products. Homeowners can also be assured of complete accuracy when they ask for window

Detailing Clarity

When it comes to making historically accurate products, it’s the attention to detail that matters the most. It’s for this reason that Pella made sure to keep a keen eye on the intricacy of the product. This gives the finished result enough depth to set it apart from contemporary window options. By giving architects and builders what they want without compromising quality, Pella® is able to stand even taller among others in the industry. Every minute detail, from check rails to sash lugs, is given strict attention to achieve an unmatched level of clarity.

The Pella Architect Series Reserve line is a proud testament to how Pella has truly mastered the fine art of window making. Tittle Brothers Construction is your one-stop-shop for exceptional replacement windows and doors from this manufacturer. We serve Detroit, MI, and nearby areas. Call us today at (248) 587-7633 for a free in-home estimate on home remodeling. Check back soon for the second part of this blog series.