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In Michigan, there are dozens of good roofing companies. Even a few great roofing companies. But what, exactly, does it take to be the best roofing company in Michigan? This is something that our roofing team here at Tittle Brothers Construction has been thinking about for a long time. It’s not just in an accurate estimate, affordable materials, or high-quality roofing work. It’s not just a team that arrives on time, or a project that finishes according to schedule. It’s all about results.

When it comes to roofing, nothing is more important than the results during and after a project. No matter how fast a team is, it’s the integrity of the roof that matters in the end. And no matter how friendly they may be, it’s the customer experience that will determine a successful service. And often, you can’t tell whether you’ve found the best roofing company for your project until after the work is complete. That is why so many people find roofers through referrals and recommendations from friends or colleagues who have experienced truly amazing roofing services. And if you don’t have a referral, you can always look at the reviews to see what results were experienced by past customers.

So what exactly are the great results you should be looking for to know you’ve found the best roofing company in Oakland County Michigan? Join us as we zoom on what it means to experience the best roofing service in Michigan.

Roofers That Help You Build a Project Plan

A great roofing company never starts a project without a plan. A roof is a lot more like a puzzle than you realize. With many pieces that overlap and layer into each other. And if the pieces don’t come together in exactly the right way, you could be facing leaks or rot in an unpleasantly near future.

This is why the best roofing company for your project will start service by sitting down with you and outlining a rock-solid project plan. Where you’ll need structural support, where you’ll need new shingles, what kind of flashing or gutter work may be necessary.

From this plan, your roofers will be able to draw up a truly accurate estimate, right down to the number of roofing nails and good weather days it will take to complete.

A Clear Outline For Your Roof Project

It can be worrying to see your roof peeled back and so many professionals working around the property when you don’t know what’s going on or what will happen next.

We strive to not only be aware of customer worries, but to ease them as quickly as possible. And the best way to do that is to give a clear outline of what to expect. A skilled roofing project manager who understand the plan you built together will also be able to tell you exactly how the project will play out. If you’re concerned about tracking progress, we will happily give you a play-by-play on each day of work.

An Understandable Itemized Roof Quote

The quoting procedure when lining up a new roofing project can often be confusing for customers who don’t understand what exactly is being quoted or how to compare the value from one roofing quote to another.

Therefore, one of the signs of a great Oakland County roofing company is giving customers an easy to understand the quote. The best way to do this is by itemizing into individual expenses or categories of expenses that a customer can quickly grasp. An all-in-one quote can seem mysterious and expensive. But homeowners often find it easier to feel right about a roofing contract when they can see how much they are paying for shingles and roofing nails vs fasteners, flashing, and man hours.

We’re Your Local Roofing Company

Another thing you should look out for when choosing the best roofing service is whether or not they are local. You might be surprised how many roofing companies will offer services outside of a reasonable distance from their home base, or don’t have a local home base and are working out of a truck. If you’re planning a roofing project in Oakland County, then naturally you’re going to want to work with local Oakland County roofers.

A local roofing team will have a great many local connections. Reviews and testimonials from people who might be your neighbors, partnerships with other local businesses, and an intimate knowledge of the building requirements for roofing in Oakland County Michigan. Both the type of weather your roof will need to face and the local regulation requirements for residential roofs.

To be the best roofing company in any region, it is absolutely necessary to be local. Fortunately, we are! Which takes the Tittle Brothers team one step closer to ensuring we are the best roofing company in Oakland County Michigan.

Easy to Schedule Roof Install at a Time Convenient for You

In the industry, roofing has been notoriously difficult to schedule. Partly because roofing services are in such high demand. This starts with having enough professional roofers on staff to manage the local demand for roofing. This means putting multiple teams out or, if there’s a big project to finish fast, scheduling everyone on one job so that no one has to wait too long for their roof to be repaired or renovated.

We also strive to make scheduling easy for customers so that you don’t have to jump through hoops to get a date on the roofing calendar. Your home and roofing needs are important and deserve service in a fair amount of time. While you may need to coordinate a time for roofing, and it’s always better to book well ahead of time, the best local roofing company will make sure you can get service soon at a time that is convenient for you.

The Roofing Team Arrives Right on Time

Field services often get a bad reputation for arriving late and leaving early. In any kind of construction work, delays are part of the project and an inexperienced team can allow delays to get out of hand. They may arrive late due to unforeseen traffic, or stay late to try and make up for lost time. But a roofing company that values your time and their own will always keep to the schedule as precisely as humanly possible.

An on-time team is a clear indication that you’re roofing company is dedicated to getting the job done right, fast, and on schedule according to the detailed plan you already talked about with the project manager. Expect them on time every morning and out of your hair on time in the evening for a few quiet roofing-free hours before the next morning’s work begins. Our teams always arrive promptly on the dot and we strive to ensure that the day’s work gets done as efficiently as possible. Up to the point of bringing on extra team members to meet the schedule rather than encroach on the customer’s plans or personal time after work hours.

The Roofing Project Manager is Always Available to Answer Questions

As the homeowner, you have a right to ask questions and stay in the loop on the progress of your roofing project. If you’ve hired contractors in the past, you may have experienced less than full communication during the project. It can be hard to get ahold of a busy project manager if they don’t prioritize answering messages from the customers.

But great roofing teams know better than to leave the customer twiddling their thumbs with questions to ask. This is why our project managers work hard to be available to customers through phone, text, and in person whenever you have any questions or concerns. Answers will be prompt and informative within working hours or we’ll get back to you first thing in the morning when the project manager gets your message. This way, any worries or concerns you have can be quickly dealt with or an assuring explanation offered without any time actually spent worrying or out of the loop.

The Roofing Team is Courteous and Professional

You may be worried about roofers who are loud (beyond the usual roofing sounds) or disrespectful to family or neighbors but this could never if you have found the best roofing company in Oakland County. Great roofers know that part of offering excellent roofing services is also being considerate guests. As roofers, we have to come to your home, which means that we are guests on your property until the project is finished.

At Tittle Brothers, we know that this means wiping our feet before entering the house, asking before using the hose, and always being courteous with the household, neighbors, and guests of our customers. Working with Oakland County’s best roofers, you will have nothing but positive and polite interactions with each member of the team.

Your Roofing Project is Finished Efficiently and On Time

Just as arriving on time is important, so is finishing on time. A poor-quality roofing company may give a competitive estimate at the beginning of the project, but soon delays start stacking up. With a great roofing company, on the other hand, the detailed project plan and expert management will ensure that your roofing project goes off without a hitch, exactly on time.

This means that you can make solid plans based on when the roofing is predicted to be complete and rely on your roofers to work through any setback except truly foul weather. Which we are all at the mercy of here in Michigan.

Roofing Project Debris is Cleaned Up Before the Roofers Leave

One of the most common recurring problems with professional roofers is a tendency to leave debris all over the ground after a project. It’s absolutely true that roofing is a messy job. And during the days of active roofing, there are going to be a lot of shingle fragments, roofing nails, and packaging material that fall off of the roof and into your yard. But no attentive roofer would leave their customer’s home looking like a construction zone just because the roof is fully hammered together.

When you’re working with Tittle Brothers, we don’t consider the project fully done until your home is as beautiful (or more beautiful) than it was when we arrived. This means that you will never have to worry taking care of post-project cleanup, or someone in the family getting hurt stepping on sharp roofing debris. Our team will scour your yard to make sure that your grass, flowerbeds, and walkways are as free of roofing shingles and nails as they were before the project.

The Roofing Company Check Back In to Make Sure You are Satisfied

Finally, we know that doing quality roofing work isn’t just about how well we do up on your roof during the project. It’s also about how well our work serves you in the weeks, months, and years to come. Sometimes, you can’t know for certain that the work is finished until your house has successfully weathered a few Michigan storms with its new roof.

That is why great roofers check back in with customers after the project is complete and the work has had time to prove itself. Not only does this give you a chance to have any final questions answered, it is also incredibly reassuring to know that your roofers will stand by their work voluntarily months after the roofing project was completed.

The Tittle Brothers team is always striving to achieve the highest possible roofing service standards and to become the best roofing company in Oakland County Michigan. And we’re eager to prove our quality of service time and time again. If you need roofing repairs, installation, or roofing is part of your next renovation project, contact us today! Our teams of friendly expert roofers are always ready to provide top-quality roofing service for your residential needs.