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As we approach the mid-point of our snowy winter weather, it may be time to give your hard working chimney some much needed loving care and maintenance. Your chimney works hard and is exposed to the elements during some of the harshest times of the year. Therefore, when there is a break in the cold, snow, and ice, take some time out of your day to do the following:

  • Inspect the chimney structure. Make note of any signs of decay or cracks. Depending on snowfall, you may also be able to use the ground around the chimney to give you clues on the health of it. Often as a chimney starts to decay, you’ll notice flakes from chimney material on the ground. Remember to take a close look at the flashing as well to ensure there is a good seal between your home and the structure.
  • Examine the chimney cap. Ensure it has not become clogged with leaves and other materials that will impede air flow. If you have a chimney screen instead of a chimney cap, don’t neglect inspecting it to ensure it hasn’t become loose and ineffective.

Don’t forget to give your fireplace a little TLC too. Remove ashes and clean stains. Often a quick way to perk up this area is with a shop vacuum which can make quick work of these sorts of messes. With these ashes removed, you can also check for cracks and deterioration in the fireplace.
This inspection coupled with a check up on your roof should provide you with a good understanding of immediate and spring time issues to address. Should you have any questions or concerns, we’re always here to help you with all your Canton roofing and chimney issues!