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With chilly weather upon us, a nice toasty fire in the fireplace seems fitting. After getting a chimney inspection, you may believe you’ve done everything you need to do in order to ensure a safe fire in your home. However, if you burn wood in your fireplace, there are a few additional steps you may want to take.

  • Ensure you have the right precautionary equipment installed and in good working order. This equipment includes a chimney cap and a fireplace screen. Both of these items make your fire safer. The cap keeps animals, leaves, and other debris out, and the screen helps ensure sparks and embers from your fire don’t escape onto possible flammable surfaces surrounding the fireplace.
  • Choose the right firewood. Not just any wood will do. It’s important that your wood is not green or damp. Also, ensure you store your firewood in a location that will keep it dry and off the ground.
  • Check your external landscaping near your chimney. As part of your fall maintenance, trim any trees with limbs approaching your chimney. This is not only a good practice to protect your chimney, but also your roof.

Are you interested in getting more Detroit roofing and chimney maintenance information? If so, check out this Chimney Safety Institute of America article with additional tips on building a safe wood fire.
Remember, it’s worth taking a few extra minutes this fall to review your condition of your fireplace and roof so you’re not “out in the cold” this winter. And should you have questions or need repairs, give Tittle Brothers a call. We’re here to help with your Detroit roofing or chimney needs.