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Homeowners who are looking to sell their house for a good price this fall should consider investing on repairs or replacement, if needed. Remember that apart from having a house with a style that shines, nothing attracts a buyer more than a perfectly functioning home.
While some home improvements would demand a major roof overhaul or an extensive painting job, what can also win the approval of your prospects are the little details that you include in the scheme of things. So, we at Tittle Brothers thought of sharing three simple fixes that you can start doing to make your home more marketable this busy real estate season in Ann Arbor:
Let There Be Light
Fixing or changing your lighting systems or the bulbs can easily improve your interiors. New lights are very effective in changing the aura of a room. They brighten a small space and can turn a simple room into something more elegant.
Have Some Cabinets
Property buyers especially those with children like a lot of storages for toys and other things that is why repairing or improvising your cabinets is easily a plus point.
Show the Windows
This part of your home has a big impact on energy efficiency and buyers know that. Make sure that your windows in Ann Arbor MI are in good condition and free from damage like cracks, gaps, or air leaks.
We suggest that you pay special attention to your windows because they can impact your curb appeal, which is a key factor in grabbing the attention of the fussy house hunters. If you suspect any damage incurred from the beatings of the weather, don’t delay seeking the help of experts on window repair in Ann Arbor.
Tittle Brothers Construction offer repair services for a host of window issues, such as cracked or hazy glass panes and damaged, broken or misaligned sashes and frames. We also readjust frames within wall openings, restore or replace balance mechanisms, latches, and damaged locks.
Yes, you can say that windows are one of the things that we are keen about – apart of course from roofing, siding, and masonry.  Call us at 866-766-3112 for your free in-home estimate on replacement windows.