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The kitchen has come a long way from just being a place where we store and prepare our food. These days, it’s where families gather around not just to have a quick bite but to actually eat a full meal and even discuss family matters. Kitchens have truly become the heart of the home.




Maybe this is why kitchen remodeling has been one of the most popular home projects in recent years. With many homeowners wanting to get more out of their kitchens, remodeling and design trends have been changing throughout the years as well.


2015 started out with a bang for kitchen remodelers as new trends, materials, colors, etc. began to pop up in kitchens and showrooms everywhere. If you’re thinking about getting your kitchen done this year, you might want to check out some of the latest in kitchen remodeling today:


Refined Color Palette


Beiges and whites—these are the colors we usually see in American kitchens. This year, however, looks brighter for most kitchen remodelers as many homeowners want bolder colors with yellows, different hues of blue, different shades of gray, and browns accenting their kitchens.


Custom Cabinets


From creating your own storage, layout, and style, custom cabinets are one of the most popular kitchen trends today. Bottom cabinets are now designed with pull-outs, baskets, trays, and easy-to-arrange shelves that can suit your storage and organization needs. As for top cabinets, the trends seem to favor a more visually open cabinet, with homeowners choosing cabinets that have either glass front doors or no cabinet door at all.


Smart Appliances


With smart technology taking the world by storm, it’s no wonder that even kitchens are now being fitted with smart appliances, and people love it! Refrigerators, for instance, have touch screens not only to control the temperature, but also to access the Internet, stream music, and watch TV.


Granite and Quartz Counters


Countertops have seen major design changes over the years. This year, however, seemed to favor more traditional counters using granite or quartz.


Window Seats


Yes, windows play a big role in the kitchen’s overall mood and design. But you can get more out of your windows in Ann Arbor, MI if you turn them into a window seat. Imagine replacing your old kitchen windows with a bay or bow window, and using the extra space these window styles provide to create a breakfast table. Now you can have a cozy corner in your kitchen, a place flooded with sunlight where you and your family can eat breakfast every morning while enjoying the scenic view outside.


These are just some of the popular kitchen remodeling trends this year. And since we’re still in the middle of 2015, you can expect many more kitchen design ideas to pop up later on. If you’re thinking about creating your ideal kitchen, Tittle Brothers Construction can help you realize that dream.


Our services include full kitchen design and installation, which we’ve been doing for years. We can also help you with your windows as we do window replacement and window repair in Ann Arbor and the surrounding areas.


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