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There are a number of reasons homeowners choose to undergo a home remodel. Some decide to repair or replace their roof because it has started to cause leaks. Others simply want to get new windows and doors to modernize the look of their homes.

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According to the Home Improvement Research Institute (HIRI), repair, replacement, and maintenance are the top motivators for planning a home upgrade project. Tittle Brothers Construction, the leading Canton roofing contractor, explains why these factors are extremely important for homeowners.

Repairs and Replacement

When your siding, windows, or roof begin to fail, it’s a clear indication that they need immediate and professional attention. Common issues like leaks and cracks are easier to solve because they only require quick repairs. By sealing and caulking them tightly, you’ll restore your home components to good working condition.

However, there are times when repairs are not enough to keep your siding, windows, and roofing in Canton in top shape. This is where replacement comes in. By getting quality replacements from trusted companies such as Tittle Brothers Construction, you can ensure a more comfortable and efficient home for your family.

Routine Maintenance

This is important because it helps extend the service life of your components. For instance, even if your asphalt roof can withstand constant wear and tear, it will not last long without proper maintenance. You’ll need to inspect it twice every year and make sure that necessary actions are done to compensate for any issues.

Aesthetic Upgrade

Certainly, curb appeal enhancement is among the top priorities of homeowners. They want to improve their home’s appearance by refurbishing any old components. Since it covers a huge part of your exterior, your Canton roofing is a key factor in your home’s appeal. Installing a new roofing system can make your home look fresher and more vibrant than the rest of your neighborhood.

When it comes to home improvement projects, Tittle Brothers Construction is a name you can trust. We have over a decade of experience creating better homes for local homeowners. With our tools and expertise, you can be sure we’ll deliver the best services that your home deserves. Call us at (877) 228-5658 today or complete our contact form to schedule a FREE estimate.