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Because of the threat of climate change, it is important that we incorporate the use of environment-friendly and sustainable materials and resources in our daily living. Fortunately, we can start this in our own home by using sustainable Birmingham roofing. Not only is it environment-friendly, sustainable roofing provides our home with a new level of comfort and protection.


GAF Timberline® Cool Series, a leading provider of energy-saving and sustainable roofing systems, offers a number of benefits for homeowners like you. Discussed below are some of them.


• Cooler and more comfortable home
Unlike traditional roof, sustainable roofing systems are designed to greatly reflect the heat from the sun. This helps in reducing the temperature inside your home. With a cooler home, the use of air-conditioning and other cooling equipment will be minimized. By installing sustainable roof, you can enjoy a more comfortable and cooler home, especially during summer.


• They are cost-efficient
Because sustainable roofing helps reduce the need to use your air conditioning unit, you can significantly maximize your savings since you don’t have to spend more money on your energy bills.


• Extends the life span of your roof
The sustainable roof’s ability to reflect the heat from the sun helps extend the life span of your home’s roofing system. It also helps prevent unnecessary repairs and maintenance.


• Helps reduce pollution
Having a cooler roof can reduce heat produced in urban areas that is caused by different human activities, especially during the summer months. Having efficient roofing insulation can lower your home’s heating and cooling requirements, which in turn, helps reduce air pollution.


With the many benefits of having a sustainable roof, it is only high time that you use one. Tittle Brothers Construction, one of the leading roofing contractors in Michigan, can provide you with a high-quality and sustainable roofing system for your home. We are qualified and certified to install GAF Timberline® Cool Series. We also offer an entire range of GAF roofing options.


Be a part of the green revolution now! Call Tittle Brothers Construction at (877) 228-5658 today for a free in-home estimate on your roofing Birmingham project.