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Working on home improvement projects offers many benefits, such as improved comfort, enhanced beauty, and added functionality. An efficient way you can achieve these benefits is by installing high-quality replacement windows in Ann Arbor, MI.

Window Replacement

Tittle Brothers Construction discusses the top four features to look for in a window replacement.

1. Energy-Efficient

Having energy-efficient windows are becoming more important. We offer windows that come with insulating components. We have fiberglass, wood, and vinyl windows that will lessen heat that stays and leaves your home. For instance, our Pella® windows come with InsulShield®, an advanced Low-E glass that adds to their energy saving properties. These features will surely keep you from overworking your HVAC units, reducing your energy costs.

2. Customizable

Having the opportunity to make sure your windows meet your home’s design is essential, as well. We can customize your windows in Ann Arbor to match your home’s exterior features. We can make your windows extra tall or wide. We can also provide you with windows that come with angled or curved frames. Aside from this, you can choose from an array of trim options and hardware to customize your windows further.

3. Beautiful

Our wide range of window styles to complement your home’s architecture style. They are also available in a selection of colors, finishes, and grilles, which will add depth and detail to your home. Choose from distinct interior wood finishes like Pine, Douglas Fir, and Mahogany, or exterior wood finishes, such as white or Sand dune. Additionally, we offer a variety of grille patterns, such as Prairie, Top Row, or Custom for added charm.

4. Low-Maintenance

Each of our windows comes with features that do not require regular upkeep. For instance, a durable aluminum-clad finish protects our wood windows. This lets them resist fading and protects them from the elements for a lasting period. We also have vinyl windows manufactured using a unique formula that makes them durable, letting them retain their beauty for years to come.

You can never go wrong choosing Tittle Brothers Construction when it comes to your window replacement needs. In fact, you can also count on us to help you with window repair in Ann Arbor if needed. Call us today at (877) 228-5658 for a FREE, in-home consultation.