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If you’re up for some roof repair and maintenance in Detroit, now may be the most appropriate time to start. The weather is about to start getting a little less hot and a little more comfortable, with a very noticeable drop in temperature and humidity. According to this weather report on www.mlive.com:

A strong cold front will move through tonight and drop temperatures over 20 degrees in most places.
So you won’t need to leave the air conditioner on when you leave for work tomorrow. Actually, you won’t need to run the air conditioner anymore this week.
Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Saginaw, Bay City, Flint, and Ann Arbor will feel temperatures drop 22 degrees between 8 p.m. tonight and 8 a.m. Wednesday July 23, 2014. Jackson will drop 21 degrees overnight. Detroit will have a nice 15 degree temperature drop overnight, but still remain a little warm by morning.

So if you’re looking to take advantage of that fine weather, you can determine the condition of your shingles yourself to know whether you need repair or replacement.
However, going up on the roof to check can be dangerous. Detroit roofing contractors like Tittle Brothers Construction recommend that you try to avoid climbing onto your roof, and instead inspect from ground-level using a pair of binoculars.
Here are some of the things that you need to look out for:

  1. Excessive Granule Loss – means that your shingles have already surpassed its indicated lifetime.
  2. Loose or Missing Shingles – strong winds or heavy rain have already caused the nails to loose.
  3. Water Stains – implies that there is a roof leak.
  4. Shingle Pops – these shingles aren’t level with the rest.
  5. Roof Age – time had taken its toll on your roof.

Once you’ve detected any of these roofing problems, you need to call a contractor to help you out further. Companies like Tittle Brothers construction have the know-how and experience to deal with these roofing or shingle problems.
Take advantage of the clear weather and watch out for those common roofing problems. For more information on roofing in Detroit MI, you can contact Tittle Brothers Construction.
(Article Excerpt from Big temperature drop in next 12 hours on the way for all of Michigan, http://www.mlive.com/)