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Roofing projects only get confusing when you do know where to begin. If you know the value of each product and service, giving your roof the care it needs becomes a picnic.

Roof Projects

As the name synonymous with high-quality roofing in Ann Arbor, MI, Tittle Brothers Construction wants to share with you the things you should ask yourself before you tackle any roofing project. Here are the most important ones:

How Often Should I Schedule Routine Inspections?

You can focus on several preventive measures to keep your roof in good shape, such as investing in attic insulation and ventilation and cutting overhanging tree branches. However, the best form of maintenance is still professional inspection.

Keeping an active upkeep routine is paramount to stay ahead of leaks and other kinds of damage. Ideally, it should be done twice a year; preferably, before and after the most destructive season. The first assessment ensures your roof is intact before the roughest months of the year. The second inspection is to identify any red flags and restore your Ann Arbor roofing system’s structural integrity.

Does My Roof Need a Repair or a Replacement?

This has always been a prominent question among homeowners. There’s no straight answer to this; it depends on how old your roof is, how well you care for it, or how destructive the weather has been. Regardless of your type of roofing in Ann Arbor, the only way to know which kind of service it needs is through a professional inspection.

At Tittle Brothers Construction, you can rest assured that we’ll provide you an honest assessment of your roof’s condition and provide you sound advice on the right direction to take. This way, you could make an informed decision and choose the right service your roof requires.

Should I Invest in Gutter Protection?

A gutter protection system is a one-time investment to eliminate the need of cleaning your gutters and downspouts for good. It may be optional, but its utility in protecting your roof, and your home’s other vulnerable areas, is profound.

Of all the solutions on the market, we chose to install Leaf Relief®. It has fantastic features to handle up to 22 inches of rain per hour, resist rough weathers and pests, and remain sturdy for a long period. Best of all, it’s invisible from the ground level to avoid jeopardizing your home’s curb appeal.

To discuss your roofing and gutter needs, call Tittle Brothers Construction now at (877) 228-5658 and set your free in-home consultation. We look forward to lending you a hand.