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The roof is one of the biggest contributors to curb appeal. The massive space it occupies makes its color a prominent exterior element. Needless to say, picking the wrong hue would be an aesthetic disaster. Since you can’t easily correct your mistake within the snap of a finger, take your time to mull over your options.
Perfect Roof Color
To help facilitate your decision-making, Tittle Brothers Construction shares some helpful tips:
Know Your Home’s Personality
Any architecturally savvy roofing contractor would say that there’s an appropriate color for each home style. For instance, Mediterranean-inspired homes are big on red, while other home styles accept blue. But then again, trends change; many traditional architectures undergo modern transformations and some contemporary designs are still “soul-searching”. It pays to hear expert advice to know which roof colors could do wonders for your home.
Look at the Big Picture
You can’t select the roof color without considering the rest of the exterior. Your chosen hue should mesh with other elements, or else their fusion would be disharmonious.
Put More Attention to Permanent Exterior Elements
When searching for the perfect asphalt roofing shingle color that can coexist with other exterior details, concentrate on those that would remain unchanged forever. You can always paint the trim to complement your roof, but giving masonry a facelift needs a lot of work.
Check Product Sample in Sun and Shade
Lighting influences the way eye perceives color. This is why roofs don’t look the same 24 hours a day, 356 days a year. To ensure your new roof wouldn’t lose its charm night or day, look at your product samples in all types of light.
At Tittle Brothers Construction, we’ll help you choose the most suitable color for your replacement roofing shingles. With our wealth of experience and proven expertise, we’ll assess your unique situation to narrow down your best candidates. Call us today at (734) 225-2525 to schedule your free, in-home estimate in Canton or any nearby area.