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Asphalt shingles remain a favorite roofing option for many homeowners. They are cost-effective, easy to install, and extremely versatile. In fact, asphalt shingles can offer extensive design possibilities with their range of colors and textures. If you’re planning to invest in new Canton roofing, there is a choice available. GAF®, North America’s largest roofing manufacturer, has a new addition to their assortment of roof systems.

Glenwood™ Ultra-Premium Designer Shingles can further enhance the look and feel of your home with their many features. Tittle Brothers Construction, your premier roofing company, shares four of them in this video blog.

1. Authentic Wood-Shake Look—Glenwood Shingles are the thickest, triple-layer, wood-shake look shingles available today. They offer the authentic beauty of traditional wood shakes, minus the associated maintenance.

2. Durable Performance—You can make the most of your new roofing in Canton with these shingles. They feature the highest fire resistance rating (UL Class A) and aren’t susceptible to warping and damage compared to traditional, untreated wood shakes. They come with GAF’s unique Advanced Protection® Technology, offering superior weather protection and lasting performance. Additionally, Glenwood Shingles will remain blemish-free with Stain Guard®, which protects them from blue-green algae and its unsightly effects.

3. Lovely Color Choices—These shingles come in six complimentary colors, including Adobe Clay, Autumn Harvest, Chelsea Gray, Dusky Gray, Golden Prairie, and Weathered Wood. With these options, matching your Glenwood Shingles with your home’s architecture and décor is worry-free.

4. Sturdy, Worry-Free Installation—Unlike traditional wood shakes, Glenwood shingles are faster and easier to install. Their thick, multi-layered construction will require longer nails to keep them sturdily in place to the wood deck. This ensures that they won’t tear loose in the event high wind speeds.

For a safe and smooth installation of your Glenwood Shingles, turn to Tittle Brothers Construction, your premier Canton roofing contractor. Since we carry GAF’s prestigious Master Elite™ distinction, you can expect only timely and efficient work on your new roof. You’ll also qualify for extensive roof warranties that add an extra layer of protection to you and your investment.

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