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Tittle Brothers Construction takes pride in being one of the few GAF Master Elite™ contractors in the region. This allows us to provide you with high-quality roofing and roof accessories that will protect your home from severe weather conditions.

Here, we discuss GAF’s latest addition to their Lifetime Designer shingle series: Glenwood™ Shingles.


This latest line of shingle roofing in Ann Arbor features triple-layer construction, which gives it an authentic wood-shake look. These shingles are also available in a wide range of colors that will match your home’s style. Choose adobe gray for a warm and welcoming feel. For a lighter but elegant tone, go for dusky gray. You can also match your outdoor landscaping with Chelsea gray, which offers a balance mixture of earthen shades.

Easy to Install

Glenwood roofing shingles are easy to cut and install. This reduces labor time and costs, leading to more savings. Combine this feature, our extensive training, and experience, you can be sure to enjoy the benefits of our quality roof in no time.


This type of roofing in Ann Arbor, MI, can withstand severe weather conditions and has strong fire resistance. They offer resistance against long-time exposure to the sun’s damaging UV rays. It can also withstand strong winds, so rest assured that your roof will remain intact despite harsh conditions.

GAF Warranty

Being a GAF-certified roofer lets us install their superior roofing that comes with strong warranties. These will protect you from manufacturer defects for many years, giving you the assurance that your roof will perform based on its specifications.


Our Glenwood Ann Arbor roofing shingles will not stain and are resistant to blue and green algae. They also offer resistance against warping and damage compared with natural untreated wood shakes. This feature helps preserve their beauty, reducing the need for maintenance.

Let Tittle Brothers Construction help enhance your home’s beauty and increase its protection against the elements with Glenwood roofing shingles. Call us today at (877) 228-5658 for more information about GAF’s latest Lifetime Designer shingles.