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There are certainly a number of ways to make your exteriors look even better than it does today. One smart way to do so is by upgrading your Birmingham windows. Here, we tackle the things that you can do to make your windows the focal point of your exteriors:


    • Make sure that your windows match the architectural style of your whole house. It doesn’t need to match the entire house exactly, but the designs should blend. If you have a traditional house, then have your contractors install windows that lean on the traditional side too. Conflicting styles can make your home look cluttered and not aesthetically pleasing.
    • You can also play around with your choice of window frames. Experiment with what colors go best together. If properly maintained, wood window frames can be painted and can have a long life span. Make sure that your window frames’ colors complement your doors, siding, and roof’s styles.
    • Determine which window style you want installed on your home. If you want proper ventilation, casing and double hung windows are the perfect choices as they can be easily opened. Letting the fresh air inside your home can cut down on your energy bills and make your home much cooler. Plus, a breath of fresh air is always good for your health. If you are looking to increase your home’s curb appeal, then you can go for bay and garden windows. Bay windows protrude from your exterior wall. It has a fixed center, and opens up on both sides. Garden windows are perfect for plant lovers. They also protrude away from your wall, and include a space for the lovely plants that you are planning to display.
    • Never be afraid to experiment and play with different window styles, colors, textures, and other details. They can make your exteriors more aesthetically pleasing. You can ask for help from professional contractors as they have been in the industry for a long time, and are experts on the matter.


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