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As a homeowner, if you’ve seriously considered replacing your existing gutters or installing new gutters, you’ve probably thought about how to complete the work. Are you considering going the DIY route? Could a handyman take care of it? Or does hiring a roofing professional for the gutter and drain work make the most sense? Ultimately, the choice you make will likely determine the degree of success you achieve. A DIY or handyman approach may not accomplish the job as you imagine. Professional gutter and drain work is best performed by a seasoned roofing professional with extensive knowledge, experience, and training in installing gutters.

Understanding The Process Of Gutter Installation

Adding new gutters to a home or replacing the current ones is more than just shopping at the local big-box retailer for the off-the-shelf option and then attaching them to your house. Take the following steps into consideration when evaluating what factors are involved:

1. Remove The Existing Gutters

Taking down the current gutters may seem like a “simple” task. However, precision is required to avoid damaging the house, including the eaves. The right tools and equipment are needed to accomplish this job. Novices and handymen likely don’t have them.

2. Assess Any Damage After Gutter Removal

Beneath the surface of the existing gutters, a trained roofing professional may observe other issues necessitating immediate attention. For example, rotted fascia boards may need replacement. A DIYer or handyman may not take notice of these weak spots or defects.

3. Prepare Measurements And Create Layout

A trained roofing professional with expertise in installing gutter systems can measure the home, including the pitch and elevation, and property to determine the best design to ensure maximum water flow efficiency and minimize the risk of moisture intrusion.

4. Install The New Gutters And Downspouts

Ultimately, a trained gutter technician earns their reputation during this phase of the process. Their knowledge and experience ensure every detail is addressed with precision, yet they work efficiently and within a specific budget.

5. Clean The Job Site Pristinely

Inattentive contractors are known for not adequately sweeping up your home and property following a job. An established roofing professional cannot afford to acquire this reputation. With them, your property will look clean when they have finished the job.

The Importance Of Hiring A Knowledgeable Gutter Installer

As a homeowner, if you’re on the proverbial fence between DIYing the gutter project, involving the local handyman, or hiring a trained gutter technician through a roofing company, consider the following crucial factors during your decision-making process:

1. A Roofing Professional Delivers Cost-Effectiveness

Affordability is not merely the sticker price paid for a good or service. The value-added component must also be considered. What do you receive in exchange for what you paid? Few consumers enjoy or prefer spending hard-earned money on something of “lesser” quality.

Gutter professional measuring gutter length

2. A Roofing Professional Enables Customizable Solutions

No two homes are precisely the same. Gutter systems need to be designed to address a home’s unique structure. For example, the pitch and elevation of a roof play a crucial role in the proper layout of a gutter. The surrounding landscaping also matters significantly.

3. A Roofing Professional Ensures Safety

When you work with a roofing contractor to replace your gutters, you can trust them to use the appropriate safety equipment to avoid potential mishaps. They also will carry the proper liability insurance coverage to protect your interests if an unfortunate accident occurs.

4. A Roofing Professional Helps You Avoid Mistakes

Improperly installing a gutter system can yield catastrophic results. Unfortunately, the consequences of poorly constructed gutters may not become apparent until it’s too late.

5. A Roofing Professional Offers The Best Products

Most DIYers and handymen have no choice but to select between the one or two gutter products available at the local big box retailer. A roofing professional generally has access to a vast number of gutter options to ensure you receive the ideal solution and fit for your home.

6. A Roofing Professional Provides Experience

Professional gutter and drain work requires expert skills and experience. You don’t know what you don’t know. Minute details make all the difference between a job performed with excellence and a job missing something important. A knowledgeable roofing professional strives to achieve a high-performance standard to ensure successful results. 

7. A Roofing Professional Works Efficiently

Time is precious. A DIY or handyman approach to gutter installation will likely take two to five times as long as a trained roofing professional. An experienced gutter technician will perform the job efficiently within a reasonable time frame.

Gutter professional fits downspout onto gutter

Professional Gutter And Drain Services In Metro Detroit

For homeowners in Southeast Detroit and surrounding Michigan communities, Tittle Brothers Construction provides unmatched roofing expertise. We can help you with any of your roofing needs, including gutter installation and replacement. To learn more about our first-rate roofing services or to schedule a no-cost consultation, contact us today.