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There are only a few window brands that deserve to be in your home — and one of them is Polaris Windows. In many ways, it’s second to none when it comes to Michigan houses. Here in the Great Lakes State, the features unique to this respected window brand are perfect to meet your home’s needs.

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As the trusted installer of industry-leading windows in Ann Arbor and other parts of Michigan, Tittle Brothers Construction recommends Polaris Windows. Here are some of the reasons the brand is ideal for your home:

You Want the Heat to Stay Inside
Your windows play a huge role in your home’s energy efficiency. If they lack the right features, the heat you generate inside to keep your family warm would escape. When this happens, your HVAC unit would have to work harder, and eat up more electricity unnecessary, just to reach your preferred indoor climate. This will be more apparent come the colder months.

Polaris Windows provides heavy-duty cam-action sash locks to keep them airtight. They also have clean corners and separate extrusion head window design to ensure there’s no gap whatsoever. This prevents air and water infiltration.

You Want Your Windows Maintenance-Free
Everybody wants to have windows in Ann Arbor, MI, that require little to no maintenance. Fortunately, frames of Polaris windows are made from vinyl. This assures you of maintenance-free windows. Compared with other materials, vinyl ensures performance in terms of heat flow.

You Want a Secure Home
Polaris Windows use the patented True Position® balance system, which makes cradled springs to roll and unroll smoothly and quietly. This revolutionary product also features limit locks to allow secure partial opening. Since its extruded frames are stronger up to seven times than roll-formed frames, you can also be sure that it will last long without compromising your security.

When it comes to providing quality Polaris windows, consult Tittle Brothers Construction. Apart from quality products, we also provide window repair in Ann Arbor. We’ll be sure to meet all your window needs.

There’s so many options for you to choose from to further meet your energy efficiency goals. Call the Tittle Brothers Construction at (877) 228-5658, and we’ll help you get your windows custom-fit to your home.