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Broken windows may not be as alarming as roof leaks or cracked siding panels, but you should never sit on them for a long time. Procrastinating repairs does more than preventing you from salvaging your units from further damage.

Procrastinating Window Repairs

Why tackle a window repair project promptly? Tittle Brothers Construction explains what happens when you neglect damaged units:

They Raise Your Energy Bills

Windows play a vital role in your home’s energy performance. Cracked frames render your glass units drafty, while condensation in between panes make them ineffective insulators. You may not notice the effect right away because your cooling or heating units could try hard to achieve your desired indoor climate. Over time, though, you’d notice your energy costs have increased unnaturally.

They Are a Security Liability

Did you know that 23% of burglars get access to your home through first-floor windows? As one of the most convenient points of entry, intruders would attempt to open your units from the outside nine times out of ten.

Windows with a broken lock or latch only escalates the odds of opening them with force. Replacing the damaged pieces of hardware is imperative. Moreover, installing them perfectly is paramount to ensure they’d hold up against the most determined intruders.

They Are a Hazard

Double-hung windows with balance issues need immediate repair. Balance is the mechanism that allows the raised sash to remain up. When it fails, the elevated sash could slam shut without a warning and injure someone badly. This problem is especially common among older units.

To restore the functionality of your windows, call the right pros. Since not all window contractors specialize in both repair and replacement services, look no further than Tittle Brothers Construction. Our company can fix almost any window and replace your broken units in Ann Arbor, MI, if necessary. To schedule your free, in-home estimate, call us at (248) 587-7633 today.