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Many factors affect the life span of windows, but these units usually last for about a decade. Nonetheless, even if your window units are younger than 10 years, it doesn’t mean they can still deliver the same functionality. More often than not, a window replacement is a worthwhile home improvement.

TittleBrothers Window Replacement

As the trusted provider of Detroit replacement windows, Tittle Brothers Construction knows how important it is for a home to have the latest window designs installed. Here’s why a window replacement project can benefit your home:

Energy Efficiency
One of the main uses of windows in Detroit is for ventilation. Many homeowners think they’re just there for aesthetic purposes only, but they actually help maintain your home’s ideal indoor climate. Modern windows have energy-efficient features, like glasses with inert gas fill, allowing you to conserve energy, lower your monthly electric bill, and enjoy a more comfortable home.

Like doors, your windows keep your home secure from unwanted guests. If you feel your current windows lack essential safety features, like sturdy locksets, then replacing them is a reasonable thing to do.

Curb Appeal
A stunning set of new windows will be great to look at. Even if you don’t give your entire exterior a major facelift, a simple window replacement project can be a profound makeover.

Apart from providing reliable window repair in Detroit, MI, we also offer an array of styles and colors to suit your overall home design. Regardless of the look you want to achieve for your exterior, we can help bring your preferred design to life. We provide windows from the leading manufacturers, such as Renewal by Andersen® and Simonton windows.

When it comes to window replacement, Tittle Brothers Construction can meet your needs. Call us now at (877) 228-5658, and tell us what you want for your new windows.