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Every responsible homeowner puts a premium on roof maintenance. It’s more of an obligation than an option. And if you don’t take it seriously, you might put your home, not to mention your pocketbook, in serious trouble.

If you’ve never been convinced about the importance of maintaining your roofing system, Tittle Brothers Construction explains why it matters:

Roofs Don’t Clean Themselves

Just like the human body, roofs get dirty too. The only difference between us and them is they need help to detox themselves and stay clean. Over time, they’d harbor moss and collect all kinds of detritus, especially in the gutters. They may look harmless, but organic growths and sizable debris help precipitate water damage. Moss holds moisture, which would be disastrous for your shingles, while leaves and twigs could clog gutters and downspouts.

A routine maintenance plan helps you deal with these detriments properly. Although you could remove them safely, it’s hard to pull the task off without proper tools and deep know-how. Unless you leave the jobs to pro roofing experts, your efforts might do more harm than good to your roof.

Problems Aren’t Always Visible

In many cases, you don’t know your roof needs repairs until it’s too late. It happens when you don’t get it professionally inspected, especially before and after the winter. It’s not uncommon for subtle signs of storm damage to remain silent until they become huge headaches. You must always know your roofing system’s condition, or else a major leak might surprise you at the worst time.

Regular maintenance involves a complete assessment of your roof. Pros know where to look and detect the precise location of leak sources. The sooner you identify causes for concern, the faster you can control the amount of destruction they could do.

Warranties Require Good Upkeep

Practically all roofing warranties require specific maintenance duties assigned to homeowners. You might void yours if you do the upkeep wrong. In turn, you’d lose your insurance against unnatural failures and end up paying for repairs out of your pocket.

In addition to Metro Detroit and Southeast Michigan roofing, Tittle Brothers Construction also provides a wide range of home improvement and renovation services. We are among the leaders in high quality siding, installing both vinyl siding and James Hardie fiber cement siding, the nation’s “top value” in remodeling. We also install the replacement windows residents can count on for beauty, durability, and energy efficiency; and provide complete masonry, and interior remodeling..

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Routine maintenance is never a waste of time, money, and energy is to make your roof last as long as possible.