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Do you find yourself overworking your heating systems this winter? The insulation features of your windows in Detroit might not be working efficiently. With the extreme temperature change, you have to be sure of its performance. Here’s how to tell if your windows are well-equipped to keep you comfortable this cold season:
Is the inside surface of your window cold to the touch?
If it is, this is a sign your window is poorly insulated. The inside surface should feel warm. Windows with good insulation allows minimal heat permeation.
Are there fogs on the glass?
Condensation occurs when a cold surface is exposed to moist or warm air inside the house. With better-insulated windows, the surface of the window stays warm, as air is less likely to condense.
Do you feel drafts or cold spots around the window?
Drafts and air leakage are indicative of poor insulation. Heated air could be lost and cooled air could enter your home if there are unsealed slits and gaps in your window.
Does your window have a high U-factor?
You can tell a lot about the window’s insulation capabilities by this element. U-factor measures thermal conductivity; it is the amount of heat your window allows to pass through. Different parts of the window have different U-factors, but you want a window with a low overall U-factor. New windows now come with energy information stickers that include U-factor ratings, so it’s easier to get a quick check on their insulation value.
If your answer to most of these questions is “yes,” your windows may have poor insulation features and it’s high time you replace them.
We at Tittle Brothers Construction know how important insulation is to the overall comfort of your home. This is why, as experts in replacement and window repair in Detroit MI, we specialize in installing well-insulated window options for your home. We have a wide selection of beautifully crafted replacement windows from top brands designed to help you cut down on energy expenses. Our windows can keep outside air from seeping in to avoid overworking your heating systems.
Are there cold spots in other areas of your house as well? We also offer a number of insulation services for the home. We work with installing insulation systems for your ceiling, floor, wall, and ductwork.
We use only top grade material and techniques in our services. When we work on your windows and insulation systems, they are guaranteed to perform superbly not just today but in years to come. Give us a call today to learn more about what we can do for your home.