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Do you have old and drafty windows? Considering getting replacements? Whenever you need replacement windows in Birmingham, you should consider several factors so your replacement project can go smoothly and your new windows can be installed properly.
As experts who can efficiently install replacement windows, we at Tittle Brothers Construction know the important things you need to consider when getting new windows. Whenever we’re hired to install replacements, we discuss the following factors with our customers to ensure that we are meeting their needs and providing the right recommendations for the project:

  • Window Type – If the current windows don’t insulate your home well, we can recommend that we install a window type that offers better insulation, such as multi-pane windows. By selecting the right window type and installing them properly, we can make sure that your home remains properly sealed and insulated, helping you reduce your energy costs.
  • Architectural Design – Aside from the practical uses of the windows, when it comes to installation, we have to take the architectural design of your home into consideration. We have to know the size of the windows that need to be installed and the area where they’ll be placed. Furthermore, considering your home’s architectural design guides us in providing the right window style options that complement not just your interiors but also your exteriors.
  • Specific Client Factors – To ensure that the windows are installed where they need to be and have the necessary features, we will look at factors specific to your home like where you place your thermostat, the age of your heating or cooling systems, and the type of insulation you use at home.

With all these factors to consider, make sure you’re hiring a reputable contractor like us at Tittle Brothers Construction. We provide high quality windows Birmingham residents have come to rely on for years. Additionally, our products are known for their exceptional performance and visual appeal. These factors can help determine how our team is going to best install your new windows for your convenience and satisfaction. For more information on window installation, call us today or fill out our contact form.